Message from the president

Message From The President

“There is, of course, no way of knowing what new challenges and new possibilities will emerge over the next 40 years. There is no way of knowing how life will be different in 2050. But if we do what’s required in our own time, I am confident the future will be brighter for our people, and our country.” President Barrack Obama outrightly asserts in his article “Why I am Optimistic”

Indistinguishably, I am optimistic. I believe that when bestowed with the opportunity and responsibility to serve, with sheer focus, it is supreme to employ decency and compassion, to pencil in service over ambition, and to uphold integrity above experience. This is my team’s business in this premier professional student body committed to nurturing and enhancing members’ ability in finance, The Finance and Investments Students Association (FISA).

I have an upper hand of having a team of passionate and relentless individuals driven by the ideals of servant leadership and motivated by the pursuit of excellence. The elected executive council has nominated members of the FISA governing council comprising of individuals who have proved to be of top-notch aptitude relevant to this association.

Rebranding is a journey. I am tagging every one we need to make ready their luggage and embark on this resourceful expedition with us. The partners, alumni, university, associations on campus, developers, FISA leaders, and FISA members. Moreover, the school of business of the University of Nairobi students: We value you, so let us connect, grow and develop one another.

In addition to structuring the association for a seamless coordination and functionality, we are relying on the professionalism, enthusiasm from our team to be able to actively involve students, selflessly serve, effectively manage and provide opportunities. Our plan is ready and we have begun its implementation. For instance, the highly anticipated website is up within our first 15days in office. Visit

I acknowledge the efforts of former FISA executive teams and governing councils on their passionate coordination to ensure that the association inspires excellence. Presidents Beckton Nyakango, Brian Maira, Kennedy Gaya, Justus Korir and Stephen Auma and their teams: We thank you!

Our mission is to inspire students into achieving excellence in all aspects of their life. We seek to link theory to practice, to educate and empower students, by creating experiences that unlock their potential. Join us!

Rodgers Ademba

FISA President, UoN

FISA Executive 2021

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