In an era where almost everything is controlled by money it’s key that we all familiarize ourselves with financial prudence. Financial prudence is being careful as to how you spend your money as well as being thrifty so as to save and reap high returns from investment. In accounting, there is the prudence concept which […]


We’ve all heard the term investment used by our parents, friends, or even relatives at some point in our life, but we couldn’t quite grasp what it meant, right? If that is not the case, I will immediately point you in the direction of how to begin investing and provide you with any other information […]

What does it mean and take to be a management consultant?

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Management consulting is an interesting field, partly because you can never really know what to expect! As an entry-level consultant, you may work across different functions and industries that you have never interacted with before. This may seem daunting – but there are a few things you can do to prepare. Before you join: Develop […]

Message from the president

“There is, of course, no way of knowing what new challenges and new possibilities will emerge over the next 40 years. There is no way of knowing how life will be different in 2050. But if we do what’s required in our own time, I am confident the future will be brighter for our people, […]